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Welcome to my site,

Here you will find images that I have taken from my back garden observatory which houses a Meade LX200ACF 12" telescope. You can find an overview of the observatory build under the equipment tab. This hobby is both incredibly fascinating and very addictive, but it can also be quite frustrating due to the infrequency of good clear skies found here in the UK!! having said that, when the skies do clear there is nothing else i have found that comes close to stimulating the sense of wonder that our cosmos brings. just the sheer scale of the universe is beyond what most can fully comprehend and being able to have a personal window into some of this through modern day astro imaging makes this not just a hobby but a real passion.

anyone who wishes to embark on the same jouney must overcome the steep learning curve of successful image acquisition and processing and this does take time and practice, but with patience and perseverence the results that can be obtained are incredibly satisfying. it is now well within the capability of the serious amateur astro imager to capture images of the cosmos to a level of detail which in the relatively recent past was only possible from professional mountain top observatories.

recently i have expanded my imaging pursuits to include capturing our own star and i have found this hugely enjoyable. it certainly makes a welcome change to take astro photos whilst the sun is shining!!  
anyway I do hope you enjoy the images i present here and I hope to be able to add to the galleries on a relatively frequent basis weather permitting of course!!

Pete Richardson.


Last updated on 21.06.2017

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